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Your Virtual Pro has an initial value and a max “cap” value for each of their attributes. The choices you make on your Pro’s position, height and weight all dictate these maximum attribute values, so it is critical to review and understand what and where your Pro’s attribute ceiling will be.

In order to do so, our Position guides provide you with a number of data views so that you can evaluate the different build combinations to find one that has the right balance for you and your playstyle. In this guide you will find (all by H/W combination):

  • Total of Initial Attributes
  • Total of Max Attributes
  • Total of Max Pace Attributes
  • Total of Max Physical Attributes
  • Total of Max Defending Attributes
  • Total of Max Passing Attributes
  • Total of Max Dribbling Attributes
  • Total of Max Shooting Attributes


The Full Back position has a heavy bias towards lighter builds. The maximum attribute totals (both Initial and player Cap) are for the 5’3″ – 5’4″, 175 – 199kg builds.

The difference between the highest and lowest build totals is 51 points at attribute caps. In other words, you will have 51 more attribute points if selecting the 5’3″ – 5’4″, 175 – 199kg build vs the 6’7″, 200-224kg builds.

Total of Initial Attributes

Total of Max Attributes


General trends in Attribute categories are apparent across all positions – such as Pace being highest in smaller, lighter builds – however, the degree to which these apply does differ by position. In addition, each position features different Attribute Max Caps, making it crucial to compare and understand each position’s strengths and limitations.

For the Full Back position, the categories with the biggest difference in Attribute points are:

  • PACE: 49 (168 vs 119)
  • DRIBBLING: 48 (512 vs 464)
  • PHYSICAL: 36 (336 vs 300)

One thing of note is that Height/Weight of the Full Back build has very little impact on a number of attributes categories, which have only small total variance between max and min builds: Passing (11), Shooting (16) and Defending (17).

Max Pace Attributes

(Acceleration, Sprint Speed)

Max Physical Attributes

(Aggression, Jumping, Stamina, Strength)

Max Defending Attributes

(Interceptions, Marking, Tackle (Standing), Tackle (Sliding))

Max Passing Attributes

(Crossing, Curve, Passing (Short), Passing (Long), Vision)

Max Dribbling Attributes

(Agility, Balance, Ball Control, Composure, Dribbling, Reactions)

Max Shooting Attributes

(Finishing, FK Accuracy, Shot Power, Long Shots, Heading Accuracy, Penalities, Positioning, Volleys)

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