Each position in Pro Clubs has different Primary attributes, as well as different level caps for each individual trait. To maximise your Pro’s ability on the pitch, we recommend you compare multiple positions (including those you may not initially consider) to find the best fit for your playstyle.

The table below acts as a starting point – enabling you to compare the attribute caps by category for each position. The numbers represent the maximum build cap – the perfect height/weight combination for that position to maximise those statistics.

Each position guide then goes into the detail for each build, enabling you to drill down and select the specific build which suits you.


Striker (ST)
Forwards (LF/RF/CF)
Wingers (LW/RW)


Centre Attacking (CAM)
Centre (CM)
Wide Midfield (LM/RM)
Centre Defensive (CDM)


Wing Backs (LWB/RWB)
Full Backs (LB/RB)
Centre Backs (CB)
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